Riverdale stool

Chair Chelsea light gray 81cm
AC 002961-18
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With this light gray Riverdale chelsea chair you get a stylish Riverdale accessory. You can easily order accessories from the Riverdale brand at the online brand specialist Hetadreswebshop.nl
Fauteuil Tweed burgundy 77cm
AC 002925- 18
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This Riverdale armchair is covered with red Tweet fabric and is 67x65x77cm. With this Riverdale item you get a stylish piece of furniture, order easily at Hetadreswebshop.nl
Riverdale stool

Riverdale stools have a trendy and rural feel. With the wide range of different stools you create your own atmosphere at home. The Riverdale stools are designed with care and the necessary style. The stools of Riverdale are ideal to combine the accessories of Riverdale. Riverdale has any interior fitting small furniture. With this furniture you bring warmth and comfort in your home. In addition to the functional role of the Riverdale crutches, they are also a real eye-catcher in your interior.

More atmosphere with stools

The Riverdale stools are the perfect furniture for creating more tensions. Because of the wide range of different levers of Riverdale is any interior or an appropriate atmosphere maker. The stools are suitable for various rooms in the house. Thus Riverdale different types of stools which are ideal for quick set upon for the living room. But also in areas like the bedroom, they can be used. Decorate them with Riverdale vases and lanterns for extra atmosphere!

A stool is an addition to any home

The stools of Riverdale you create in different rooms in the house more ambience and coziness. They are additions to any home. Create the Riverdale stool contemporary and unique atmosphere at home. A large krukl is a real eyecatcher. Make your home a feeling of coziness and warmth in the home accessories Riverdale.

With care and creativity designed

With the crutches of Riverdale make that extra atmosphere in your own home. So you can fully to enjoy your free night, a warm welcome from friends or just between everyday activities through. The stools and side tables from Riverdale are designed with great care and creativity. These are trendy and stylish and are applicable in every interior. In conjunction with accessories from Riverdale you create a perfect decoration piece for your own home.